The Magic Of Mornings

Snooze buttons do a big disservice to mornings. They create a false sense of urgency. You might be a pro at hitting the snooze button without even waking up fully. But the damage has already been done. Because rush hour has already started inside your head. You start thinking of the emails you need to send out before noon. The presentation that needs to be fixed. Also, before noon. The to-do list. It doesn’t matter which side of the bed you wake up, your morning is already wearing a scowl. You mutter darkly about banishing mornings to the Mariana Trench.

But mornings deserve more than being sacrificed at the altar of snooze buttons. After all, they don’t
storm in like a band of teenagers entering their college canteen after two back-to-back classes. Or like boisterous relatives dancing their bellies out at a wedding. Far from it. They have the gentle demeanour of the friendly neighbourhood GP of your childhood days. Who   administered the same medicines, again and again. Life was uncomplicated then. It was either an upset stomach or the flu. And there was always an extra lozenge that made its way magically into your pockets. Who wouldn’t want a morning like that? Mornings glide in, gently, very gently. Its soft rays coax our feathery friends to start singing their songs of hope and promise. Even the tuxedo-clad night sky heaves a sigh of relief as it sees morning approaching wearing a tee and well-worn jeans, whistling merrily. It surrenders itself, as the inky black canvas is delicately unfurled to reveal vivid splashes of pink. There’s an air of anticipation. A quiet confidence. Stillness. And if you are really patient you could even hear your heart beat.

Mornings are special. And the earlier you wake up without resorting to snooze buttons, the more magical they become.