Now serving: Peace and solitude

Reaching Zuruldi, the highest restaurant in Svaneti, Georgia, is a mini adventure by itself. An integral part of the Hatsvali Mountain Ski Resort, you need to take a chair lift that winches slowly and steadily up the mountain bedecked with a frisky carpet of flowers. The wind tugs impishly at your hair while birds chirp away incessantly about all things cheerful.  It takes about 20 minutes to reach the top of the mountain. But even in this short period of time, the generous servings of unadulterated nature makes it possible to banish most of the personal demons that scamper around restlessly in most of us. The remaining demons that had read self-help books on persistence and will power vanish faster than you can say David Copperfield the moment you reach the top. Thanks to the beguiling beauty of the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains that envelops you in an uplifting embrace.